Fuel UP and Lead ON!!!!

  • Empowerment
  • Promotion
  • Equip

These are all words that describe the Fuel Up to Play 60/ Healthy Living Ambassador Program!  This program will be a great opportunity for 4-H member 15 years or older who have an interest in Healthy Living, and Leadership.

This is not a “Gimme”.  Youth will need to apply and be accepted into the program.  As such they will work with a Texas 4-H Leadership team to guide the direction of the 4-H Healthy Lifestyles project and will promote the program across the state!

Here is the application that is due on April 15.  For more information, check out: http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/healthy_lifestyles


Looking for a NATIONAL opportunity to serve?  Here’s the call from National 4-H Headquarters for 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassadors, too!

The national 4-H Healthy Living management team is putting out a call for five 4-H Healthy Living ambassadors to serve on the national management team. National 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassadors are an asset in accomplishing the goals and outcomes of the National 4-H Healthy Living Mission Mandate. 4-H Youth Ambassadors work closely with the National 4-H Healthy Living Regional Facilitators and are considered an integral part of the National 4-H Healthy Living Management Team.

Please see the job description and application. Applications are due April 15, 2014. Please share this exciting opportunity with 4-Hers in your states.

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