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Club Managers:

First, thank you for volunteering your time to work the youth of your county! You play a very vital role in our 4-H program! Because you have such a big job, we want to make sure you have all of the tools you need to be successful. In doing our research for these very tools, we found many different resources. One of the things we have been told, is that, often you need a guide on how to use these resources. So…let this be your road map!

What exactly are you expected to do as a club manager?

This will vary county to county, so be sure to have this conversation with your CEA, however, here is a list of general items that are typically needed from Club Managers.

Enroll as a volunteer on 4-H Online & take required trainings Participate in club manager workshops hosted by county office Work with other volunteers in your club to create a positive and safe environment for your club members
Communicate regularly with the county office/agent Complete the Charter Paperwork each year File your taxes (Due in December!!!)
Train and supervise club officers Manage monthly meetings (help with planning, you should NOT be running the meetings-that is the job of your club officers) Keep all club families up-to-date with club happenings
Submit all required reports and paperwork to county office, in a timely manner (within 1 week of club meeting) Assist in recruiting new members and volunteers Be a positive role model.

Resources for Club Managers

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Monthly Newsletters: 

District 8 4-H is now housing all of our helpful resources on a Google Drive, for easy access.

You can view the whole drive here:

In this drive, you will find resources from Texas 4-H (can also be found here: ), Iowa 4-H, and resources from a wide-range of states across the country.

Some helpful tips:

  • These resources (especially those from other states) are meant to give you guidance on different topics. Your best resource will always be your County Extension Agent and County Extension Office.
  • The Iowa folder has a few very unique resources in it….Like this one (Fixing issues in your club meetings)
  • There is a folder for Virtual Learning Activities. These will be helpful as you try to navigate theses new waters. Be sure to check out the Best Practices from Texas 4-H: Here

Let’s break it down further:

Looking for meeting ideas? Check out the Monthly Meeting Topic section of the Texas 4-H website (its towards the bottom of the page)-

We want to hear from you!

Need a resource, but you don’t see it here? Tell us what you need by using the form below.


Club Manager Resources




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