And the results are in….

District 8 4-H Recordbook Judging was held last week in Meridian.  The results are in!

Click here to see them in a printable pdf format.


Ranking County First Last Age Division Category
1 Coryell Costin Allison Junior Agricultural Sciences
2 Bosque Timothy Murphy Junior Agricultural Sciences
1 Navarro Kylie Rogers Junior Beef
2 Eastland Kilye Winge Junior Beef
3 Somervell Payton Alexander Junior Beef
1 Hamilton Joseph Polster Junior Citizenship & Civic Education
2 Comanche Hailey Carriger Junior Citizenship & Civic Education
1 Freestone Cooper Craddick Junior Clothing and Textiles
2 Williamson Kaylah Thayer Junior Clothing and Textiles
1 Milam Robert Miller Junior Consumer Education
1 Comanche Brian Moerman Junior Entomology
1 Comanche Allyson Johnson Junior Food & Nutrition
2 Navarro Rylee Hawkins Junior Food & Nutrition
3 Johnson Cannon Harmon Junior Food & Nutrition
1 Bell James Steglich Junior Gardening & Horticulture
1 Coryell Thiele Alvarado Junior Goat
2 Freestone Monty Morgan Junior Goat
3 Williamson Haylie Lindenblatt-Hatcher Junior Goat
1 Erath Presley Graves Junior Horse
2 Comanche Riley Riordan Junior Horse
3 Somervell Sean Dodson Junior Horse
1 Navarro Maggie Crawford Junior Leadership
1 Milam Jack Luckey Junior Personal Development
2 Hill Hannah Lewis Junior Personal Development
1 Somervell Jackson Miller Junior Photography
2 Hood Kelley Sanders Junior Photography
3 Erath Finnian Pendergrass Junior Photography
1 Navarro Sarah Beck Junior Poultry
2 McLennan John (JL) Singer Junior Poultry
3 Milam Joseph (J.W.) Hollas Junior Poultry
1 Eastland Ryleigh Whitaker Junior Public Speaking
1 Milam Ryan Luckey Junior Rabbit
2 Johnson Cassidy Moore Junior Rabbit
3 McLennan Kyndall Houchin Junior Rabbit
1 Coryell Trey Harbour Junior Sheep
2 Erath Addie Ketchum Junior Sheep
3 Leon Graci Kelley Junior Sheep
1 Erath Corbin Powell Junior Shooting Sports
2 Williamson Joseph Girvan Junior Shooting Sports
3 Leon Dakota Helfenbein Junior Shooting Sports
1 Coryell Kinlee Gardner Junior Swine
2 Williamson Madison Woolery Junior Swine
3 Johnson Mia Meehan Junior Swine
1 Coryell Samuel Belt Intermediate Agricultural Sciences
2 Johnson Daizie Ebbens Intermediate Agricultural Sciences
3 Freestone Rachel Lewis Intermediate Agricultural Sciences
1 Coryell Jenna Coward Intermediate Beef
2 McLennan Zachary Hoelscher Intermediate Beef
3 Leon Nathan Barrett Intermediate Beef
1 Comanche Madison Carriger Intermediate Citizenship & Civic Education
2 Milam Jacob Pedroza Intermediate Citizenship & Civic Education
1 Eastland Rebecca Yates Intermediate Clothing and Textiles
2 Johnson Rebecca Stevens Intermediate Clothing and Textiles
3 Hill Trena Pustejovsky Intermediate Clothing and Textiles
1 Comanche K’Leigh Harlin Intermediate Companion Animal
2 Ellis Courtney Craig Intermediate Companion Animal
1 Navarro Carson Reed Intermediate Consumer Education
2 Ellis Jerryme West Intermediate Consumer Education
1 Comanche Kody Johnson Intermediate Entomology
1 Williamson Grace Williams Intermediate Food & Nutrition
2 Comanche Mary Moerman Intermediate Food & Nutrition
3 Ellis Grant Williams Intermediate Food & Nutrition
1 Milam Gabriel Ramthun Intermediate Gardening & Horticulture
2 Leon Skylar Parrish Intermediate Gardening & Horticulture
1 Hood Kyle Vahlenkamp Intermediate Goat
2 Bell Luke Read Intermediate Goat
3 McLennan Chloe McLellan Intermediate Goat
1 Ellis Cade Ferry Intermediate Health
2 Milam Abbigail Miller Intermediate Health
3 Bell Sarah Wood Intermediate Health
1 Ellis Sadie Hinz Intermediate Horse
2 Somervell Kora Dodson Intermediate Horse
3 Williamson Addison Paulsen Intermediate Horse
1 Coryell Kyle Coward Intermediate Leadership
2 Leon Zoie Stevens Intermediate Leadership
3 Erath Guthri Jenschke Intermediate Leadership
1 Bosque Gardner Guillory Intermediate Natural Resources
2 Ellis Hunter Hinz Intermediate Natural Resources
3 McLennan Oren Snider Intermediate Natural Resources
1 Coryell Marigrace Dyer Intermediate Personal Development
2 Leon Annika Stevens Intermediate Personal Development
3 Milam Sydney Vaculin Intermediate Personal Development
1 McLennan Kaden Snider Intermediate Photography
2 Coryell Kylee Deason Intermediate Photography
1 Milam Rebecca Kostroun Intermediate Plant & Soil Science
1 Navarro Rudy Beck Intermediate Poultry
2 Milam Heath Hollas Intermediate Poultry
3 Bell Elisa Ranly Intermediate Poultry
1 Johnson Callie Welty Intermediate Public Speaking
2 Milam Grant Widner Intermediate Public Speaking
3 Ellis David JR Ragsdale Intermediate Public Speaking
1 Bell Emma Ranly Intermediate Rabbit
2 McLennan Camden Jamison Intermediate Rabbit
1 Williamson Andrew Exley Intermediate Science, Engineering & Technology
1 Falls Dalton Hamilton Intermediate Sheep
2 Coryell Clancy Lawhorn Intermediate Sheep
3 McLennan Hailey Crumley Intermediate Sheep
1 Bosque Laramie Crockett Intermediate Shooting Sports
2 Somervell Winston Lagergren Intermediate Shooting Sports
3 Falls William Utz Intermediate Shooting Sports
1 Coryell Kinsey Gardner Intermediate Swine
2 Leon James Bodine Intermediate Swine
3 Hamilton John Polster Intermediate Swine
1 Williamson Ellie Veres Intermediate Veterinary Science
2 Bell Emily Dague Intermediate Veterinary Science
1 Bosque Stephen Murphy Intermediate Wildlife & Fisheries
2 Milam Jacob Barron Intermediate Wildlife & Fisheries
1 Williamson Olivia (Kathryn) Johnson Senior Agricultural Sciences
1 Bell Braylee Mackie Senior Beef
2 Coryell Ty Jordan Senior Beef
3 McLennan Natalie Hoelscher Senior Beef
1 Johnson Reagan Ellison Senior Citizenship & Civic Education
2 Hamilton Alyssa Bottlinger Senior Citizenship & Civic Education
3 McLennan Grace Lauderdale Senior Citizenship & Civic Education
1 McLennan Samantha Merrifield Senior Clothing and Textiles
2 Williamson Rachel Fowler Senior Clothing and Textiles
3 Bell Kristen Heisch Senior Clothing and Textiles
1 Williamson Payton Holcomb Senior Companion Animal
1 Milam Julia Harwell Senior Consumer Education
1 Williamson Amber Compton Senior Food & Nutrition
2 McLennan Claire Crow Senior Food & Nutrition
3 Ellis Dakotah Van Huss Senior Food & Nutrition
1 Milam Chandler Barton Senior Gardening & Horticulture
1 Erath Jacob Bagby Senior Goat
2 Coryell Mecka Clarke Senior Goat
1 Hamilton Emma Polster Senior Health
2 McLennan Olivia Pankonien Senior Health
3 Hill Brazos McPeek Senior Health
1 Comanche Kaitlyn Glass Senior Horse
2 Erath Grace Gillespie Senior Horse
3 Williamson Mallory Fulwider Senior Horse
1 Bell Erin Steglich Senior Leadership
2 Hamilton Faith Massingill Senior Leadership
3 Comanche Shandon Johnson Senior Leadership
1 Coryell Kaysn Meier Senior Natural Resources
1 Milam Kendall Lee Senior Personal Development
2 Hamilton J. Brody Rogers Senior Personal Development
3 Johnson Donna Dezendorf Senior Personal Development
1 Ellis Jayton Ferry Senior Photography
1 Milam Neeraj Bhakta Senior Plant & Soil Science
1 Coryell Seth Jordan Senior Poultry
2 Williamson Bryce Leopold Senior Poultry
3 Navarro John Beck, III Senior Poultry
1 Milam Scott Widner Senior Public Speaking
1 Bosque Lia Runyon-Worley Senior Rabbit
2 McLennan Kathryne Scott Senior Rabbit
3 Erath William Strickland Senior Rabbit
1 Williamson Mark Janecka Senior Science, Engineering & Technology
2 Ellis Justin Chomicki Senior Science, Engineering & Technology
1 Hood Emily Brite Senior Sheep
2 Milam Cameron Cooper Senior Sheep
3 Falls Brittnee Hamilton Senior Sheep
1 Milam Patrick Dean Senior Shooting Sports
2 Eastland Samuel Keierleber Senior Shooting Sports
3 Erath Colton Back Senior Shooting Sports
1 Bell Clara Steglich Senior Swine
2 Coryell Kameron Smith Senior Swine
3 McLennan Laci Keel Senior Swine
1 Bosque Emily Murphy Senior Veterinary Science

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