Hey horse lovers…..

The District 8 4-H Horse Show is fast approaching!  Don’t miss out!

You need to be sure validate all your horses that you think you might show…..because if it’s not validated, you can’t show it!  Horses will be validated through 4-H Connect again this year. You will list them under one 4-H member in your family, but they will be considered validated for the whole FAMILY.  But there are a few changes you need to know about:

  • The deadline is EARLIER than in the past.  To still only pay $10 per horse, you can validate from March 1 to April 15, 2013.
  • Or…if you’re after April 15, there is a late fee.  You can still validate up until May 1 and pay $20 per horse.
  • This year, you can pay be credit card to make the process even easier!

View validation instructions here.

After validation, don’t forget to register to participate in the District 8 4-H Horse Show! The show is set for Monday & Tuesday, June 17-18, 2013 at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton.  You view the list of classes and the order they show in here.  And the contest information can be found here.  Or visit the District8 4-H Horse Show page on the D8 4-H website to get more information.  The Texas 4-H Horse Show website has additional info for you, too, including the Texas 4-H Horse Show Rules & Regulations that we’ll follow at district and state shows.

Registration will take place via 4-H Connect, too.  It will become available on May 1.  Just be sure your horses are in an “active” status (not pending or incomplete) in order to complete the process.  Each county sets their own deadline, so be sure to talk with your County Extension Agent to make sure you’re not too late.  Also, there is a release form that you and your parent will need to sign to be able to participate in the D8 4-H Horse Show. Make sure you submit the ORIGINAL copy to your County Extension Agent by the deadline.

Then the Texas 4-H Horse Show comes upon us in July at the Taylor County Exposition Center in Abilene. July 20-27, to be exact.  Entries for the Texas 4-H Horse Show are due at the close of the District 8 4-H Horse Show on Tuesday, June 18.  No late entries will be accepted.  The entry form has not been released yet, but it will be out soon and we’ll let you know!

If you have any questions – check with your local County Extension Agent!  He or she would be happy to help you out!

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