District 8 4-H Member is named FiberMax Ag Student of the Week!

Fox 34 News in Lubbock is recognizing young people involved in agriculture. More than 50 high school students from across the state of Texas were chosen as this year’s Texas 4-H livestock ambassadors. Their goal is becoming advocates for the ag production industry. We introduce you to one of those 4-H ambassadors who is taking his new role very seriously. Meet this week’s FiberMax ag student of the week, Jay Crumley.

“To me, being a 4-H livestock ambassador is an opportunity to go back and share some information with those who don’t have an agricultural background. And so people who actually need to know what’s going on. It’s an opportunity for me to communicate with them and also those that are younger that do have an agricultural background, I can help them to improve their skills and their knowledge,” Crumley said.

Crumley is actually from McClennan County, Texas which is the Waco area. So we were glad to meet him here in Lubbock when he was inducted as a 4-H livestock ambassador.

Check out the great video here:

Congratulations, Jay!

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