Texas 4-H TWEETUP – Do you tweet?

On September 4th at 7 pm, Dr. Chris Boleman (@ctboleman) will lead the first ever TWEETUP with the Texas 4-H Program (@Texas4H).  Anyone interested in the Texas 4-H Program can go to twitter and participate by tagging #TX4HCONVO (place that in the search bar).

This will be a one hour session that will start with Dr. Boleman asking some questions to YOU about the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program.  To end the session, you will be able to ask questions back to him regarding the program.


Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program – TWEETUP – set for 9/4/12 at 7 pm Central Time #TX4HCONVO.  JOIN US!!!

Please forward to your 4-H contacts that might be interested.

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