District 8 4-H Media Crew

District 8 4-H Media Crew

The District 8 4-H Youth Development Program provides District 8 4-H Media Crew Members many opportunities to be ambassadors for the 4-H program, practice and share their media communication skills, and assist in making District 8 4-H events a shareable experience for all their peers.  District 8 4-H Media Crew members are held to an expectation of excellence which should be demonstrated by participation in the scheduled events and activities.

Required Forms/Information

To be eligible to apply for District 8 4-H Media Crew, 4-H members must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have attended a prior District Leadership Lab.
  • Must have completed at least the 9th grade.

Positions Available:

  • There will be a total of 5 media crew positions selected.
    • Your “term” begins immediately after completion of Media Crew Retreat and Training (late May/early June) and runs for one year until the new Media Crew is trained.
    • Members may return and serve multiple years but must reapply each year.
  • There will be an alternate list.  The alternates will be contacted in the case a Media Crew member is unable to fulfil their duties.

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • Media Crew Application
    • Deadline Friday, May 17, 2019 (Application opens on 4-H Connect on April 29, 2019)
    • Complete the D8 4-H Media Crew Application on 4-H Connect at https://texas.4honline.com including required signature forms and photo. (Make it a nice, high quality photo, please! No selfies! It will be posted and shared!)
  • Media Crew Selection Announcement
    • Selection notification will be on or around Friday, May 24, 2019.
  • SURGE Registration
    • Deadline Friday, May 24, 2019
    • Register to attend D8 4-H SURGE on 4-H Connect including all necessary forms.
  • Attend SURGE
    • Event Dates: June 19-21, 2019
    • Attend SURGE at Texas 4-H Conference Center in Brownwood, Texas
  • Attend face-to-face Media Crew Retreat
    • June 1, 2019.  Location TBD.  Approximately 9 am-4 pm. Lunch and snacks provided.

During the 2019-2020 4-H Year

The 2019-2020 District 8 4-H Media Crew Agreement Form is a list of expectations for the 4-H member’s year as a District Media Crew member The applicant and the parent must acknowledge the following requirements by initialing (not an x or check mark) each line (in ink; NOT computer generated) and signing at the end of the document.  This document will be uploaded onto 4-H Connect during the application process.

  • District 8 4-H Council & District 8 4-H Media Crew – District 8 4-H Media Crew members are eligible to apply and run for a District 8 4-H Officer position.  If the Media Crew member is elected to serve in a District Council position, the member would relinquish their Media Crew position to serve on District 4-H Council.  A member may be moved up from the Media Crew alternate list.
  • Equipment – 4-H members may need to provide their own equipment to be used at events.  This may include smart phones, tablets, cameras, and/or computers.
  • Media Crew Retreat – Attend D8 4-H Media Crew Retreat June 1, 2019.  Location TBD.  Approximate time 9 am – 4 pm.  Expenses during retreat are covered by District 8 4-H.  Travel expenses on your own.  Mandatory attendance.
  • Preparation for SURGE – District Media Crew Members are expected to participate in activities in preparation for SURGE (such as web meetings or conference calls).  This includes developing a schedule and time line of photo/video opportunities of events, speeches and activities.
  • SURGESURGE (June) is mandatory. If you have a conflict that arises after selection to Media Crew, you must communicate this conflict well in advance with the advisors for a case-by-case approval.  This should be reserved for serious conflicts only.
  • Event Attendance – At least one Media Crew member will need to attend events such as Holiday Classic (Nov), Food Challenge (Dec), Fashion Show & Consumer Decision Making (March/April), and Roundup (April/May). The months listed are tentative. Dates may change, but expectations do not. Media Crew Members will be responsible for any expenses associated with travel to and from these events.
  • Communication and Conflicts – It is most important to communicate ahead of time with advisors if you have a scheduling conflict.  We realize you have multiple obligations and we are much more willing to work with you if conflicts are communicated in a professional and timely manner. Each conflict will be handled on a case-by-case basis if it is communicated in advance.
  • Understanding the Requirements – Should I neglect to complete all my required duties, I understand that I will forfeit the opportunity to run for Media Crew the following year and will be removed from District 8 4-H Media Crew for the current year.  Being removed from Media Crew includes returning the polo shirt and name badge to the advisors and the member will not be eligible to list membership on the District 8 4-H Media Crew on any applications.

Truthfulness and Accuracy of Information – By signing the 2019-2020 District 8 4-H Media Crew Agreement Form, I am certifying that all information provided on the application is truthful and accurate. I understand that I am only able to run for the officer positions that I have indicated on my application. I understand that I am responsible for the requirements listed in this agreement.

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