4-H Trend Spotters: For the Fashion Forward 4-H’er in You

4-H’ers are all about pride. From t-shirts to hats, bowties to bags, they aren’t shy about showing off their love of 4-H! Amazing items from apparel to school supplies are offered at the 4-H Mall, all branded with the beloved 4-H clover and 4-H green. While there are hundreds of 4-H items to choose from, the Mall is giving some stylish 4-H’ers the opportunity to show off their creativity and design new and exciting items in a program called 4-H Trend Spotters.

What is a Trend Spotter, you ask? Simply put, they spot the trends. A 4-H Trend Spotter is the eyes and ears of the 4-H Mall, staying up to date on the hottest styles in their community. They know what looks good and how to make it even better with the 4-H clover.

As official 4-H Trend Spotters, youth are tasked with sending in one product idea each month, based on specific criteria provided by the 4-H Mall team. These can include fresh, new product ideas or enhancing existing products with the 4-H clover (which is everything!). Youth whose ideas are chosen will be a part of the design process from start to finish, and will receive their 4-H Mall product to show off in their communities. In addition, after one year of participation, all 4-H Trend Spotters of the program will receive a college recommendation letter, written by the VP of the 4-H Mall, Jane Angelich.

The creativity of 4-H’ers is already being highlighted. Brittany Randall of Wyoming 4-H is one of the first 4-H Trend Spotters to have her design chosen and brought to life by the 4-H Mall. After submitting her idea of a 4-H performance jacket, Brittany was invited to National 4-H Council in Chevy Chase, Maryland, to share her 4-H story and trend spotting skills at the annual Youth @ Heart Day.

The first step to joining this elite group of fashion-forward thinking 4-H’er is to email trendspotters@4-H.org with your name, age, and a few sentences describing why you would like to be a part of the 4-H Trend Spotters program.

Check out the announcement for more details!

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